No Start-Up Costs

100% risk-free - we only earn when you do.

Revenue Share Model

We're so confident that Lokkaroom will drive you revenue that if you don't make money, neither do we. 

  • No up-front costs 
  • 100% risk-free with no long-term obligation. Cancel anytime.
  • A fixed fee revenue split is defined at contract and you have our word it wont be changed - even if you're crushing it!

Our revenue is entirely contingent on your Lokkaroom generating revenue, so we invest considerable resource and marketing expertise to make sure that it does.

Let's Chat

Built for fans, by the fans.


1.0 What happens if i don't sell tickets or merchandise?

That's absolutely fine - Lokkaroom is built for you to pick and choose the features you want.

2.0 Are there any additional costs associated to building a Lokkaroom?

None whatsoever - we cover the lot. However, if you want anything bespoke built outside of our current package, additional costs may be incurred.

3.0 How can i generate revenue through Lokkaroom?

Ticket and merchandise sales, membership subscriptions, selling advertising space to sponsors - there's a whole host of ways to earn.

4.0 What are the fixed fees?

This depends on the product. For example, our margin on tickets is very low because we know this is likely your key revenue driver. For a full breakdown, book in a chat with our team.

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