The New Era of Ecommerce

Supercharge your sales with a store powered by AI

Why Sell On Lokkaroom?

Pair physical merchandise with a digital counterpart to give fans an extra incentive to buy

Improve decision-making with data rich insights from fan's purchase behaviour

Increase sales revenue by selling your brand partner's / sponsor's products through your Lokkaroom

Heath Products

Increase Sales

Start from scratch or integrate your existing store to increase the reach of your products, services and experiences. 

Multiple payment options; Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Tokens

Create collections and offer rewards for fans that complete them

Cross-sell effortlessly with everything a fan needs, all in one place

Grow Faster

With thousands of fans visiting your Lokkaroom every day - we place your merchandise in prime position to sell to existing (and new) fans!

Reward fans with a one-of-a-kind collectible with every purchase

Gather rich insights into fan behaviour to drive decision-making

Collaborate with brands, sell their products and earn a percentage of every sale

Merchandise Products

Built for fans, by the fans.


1.0 Do i need a store to start with?

Nope, don't worry. You can start from scratch or we can integrate with your existing one. All you need is stock to sell, we'll handle the rest!

2.0 Do i need stock to start with?

Yes, you must have a selection of stock to sell.

Powered by market-leading technology to ensure that your set-up to succeed

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