Unlock New Monthly Revenue

Content, perks and discounts - accessible to fans for a monthly subscription

3 Core Benefits:

Drive recurring monthly revenue from fans willing to pay for a VIP experience

Foster a global community, improve fan engagement and supercharge your sales.

Provide value to brand sponsors through advertising space and unique campaign activations.


Member Perks & Discounts

The best memberships are jam-packed full of value with matchday perks, sponsor discounts and VIP fan experiences.

Your perks could include: 

  • Discount codes for fans across everyday spending - don't worry, we can help with this!
  • Meet & greets and signed giveaways
  • Queue jump, VIP bars, restaurant and parking.
  • Priority tickets and merchandise at discounted rates.

Any benefits you can offer can be packaged and placed within your members lounge.

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Exclusive, Unseen content

Place your behind-the-scenes, premium content behind Lokkaroom's paywall for fans to view in you members lounge.

Your content could include:

  • Matchday and event vlogs
  • Match livestreams and highlights
  • Pre and post-match interviews
  • Unseen training footage and squad action
  • Podcasts, webinars and Q&As

Think Amazon Prime meets Netflix; bringing your fans closer to the action than ever before.

How much could you generate?

Share your social media following, membership price and estimated conversion rate and uncover your monthly earning potential.

Our clients typically see a conversion rate between 0.5% - 2%




Built for fans, by the fans.


1.0 What can I put in my membership?

Behind-the-scenes training content, match highlights, monthly giveaways, merchandise & ticket discounts - pretty much anything that you think your fans value.

2.0 How much can I charge?

This depends on the amount of value your providing to fans. If you're producing hours of great content each month, running giveaways and sharing discount codes - you can easily charge £10+ / month.

3.0 Do members pay monthly?

Fans can either pay monthly, or yearly - with yearly payments typically giving them a 10-15% discount.

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