Increase Revenue by up to 31%

with our robust, cost-effective ticketing solution

3 Key Benefits:

Admin panel access; allowing you to self-serve and make changes instantly

360 degree reporting - delivering the data and insights needed to lead your key decision making

End-to-end management of digital and physical events

Lokkaroom Ticketing

Club Benefits

Streamline your operations and cut costs with a fully-automated, cutting-edge digital ticketing solution.

  • Admin panel access; giving you the ability to make event and ticket changes in real-time.
  • 360 degree reporting to drive your key decision making.

  • Fully-customisable discount codes that can be applied at event, ticket and individual fan level.

  • Host physical and virtual events. 

Athlete tickets

Fan Benefits

A seamless, user-friendly experience with the ability to attach added-value rewards to every purchase.

  • Buy, store and access tickets in seconds from within your Lokkaroom wallet.
  • Earn rewards, perks and value-added extras with every ticket purchase.

  • Tickets, merchandise, memberships and competitions - all in one place.

  • Host physical and virtual events. 


Built for fans, by the fans.


1.0 Do I have access to create events at any time?

Yes - we will provide you with a full admin panel, allowing you to create, change and report on all your events in real-time. 

2.0 Is there a minimum venue capacity to use Lokkaroom?

Absolutely! We cater for clubs of all sizes - from grassroots all the way through to professional.

3.0 How much does digital ticketing cost?

Lokkaroom charges 5-10% on each ticket purchase; but we only generate revenue when you do meaning there's no risk!

Powered by market-leading technology to ensure that your set-up to succeed

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