Increase YOY Revenue by 43%

With an innovative, robust all-in-one club solution

Built for fans, by the fans.

3 Club Benefits:

1.0 New Revenue Drivers

On average, club's on Lokkaroom experience YOY revenue uplifts of 43.2%, could you be next?

2.0 Enhanced Fan Experience

Tickets, memberships, BTS content, perks, rewards, merchandise and live voting; all in one platform.

3.0 Increased Sponsor Opportunities

Increase your attractiveness to sponsors with Lokkaroom ad panels and unique engagement opportunities - sponsored votes, competitions, giveaways, we can do it all. 

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Lokkaroom has been a game changer  – the ability to have ticketing, merch, VIP memberships and fan interaction on one platform – with no set-up fees – is unlike anything sport's seen before.

Our members lounge has also been a huge success - giving us a residual income which is key to our growth.

/ Peter Taylor, MK Breaker's Chairman /

Build Your Lokkaroom

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1.0 How much does Lokkaroom cost?

Absolutely nothing. we'll build your Lokkaroom free of charge - and then operate on a RevShare model.

2.0 Who is Lokkaroom built for?

We're built for all sports, at all levels - Premier League, Non-league, Grassroots - Lokkaroom is for everyone.

3.0 What features does Lokkaroom offer?

Memberships, tickets, merchandise, live streams - we've got the lot. Explore our full feature list here

Powered by market-leading technology to ensure that your set-up to succeed

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