A True All-In One Platform

with ticketing, merchandise, memberships and rewards - all at the touch of a button.

Built for fans, by the fans.

Lokkaroom Features:

Digital Ticketing

Cut costs and boost sales with a seamless, user-friendly digital ticketing solution.

  • Reward loyal fans with ticket add-ons and bonuses. 

  • Admin panel access to edit events instantly

  • Real-time event reporting

  • Personalised discounts at event, ticket and user level

Learn more about Lokkaroom ticketing and how it could increase your ticket revenue by up to 31%.

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Fan Membership

VIP fan experiences, content and perks that fans can access for a monthly subscription.

  • Create a new recurring monthly revenue stream
  • Foster a community of loyal fans that feel 'special'

  • Improve fan engagement and increase spending

  • Reward loyal fans with members perks and benefits

Find out how you could set-up a membership programme that generates revenue every month.

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Makes my job infinitely simpler
/ Josh Merrington, MK Breakers General Manager /

Merchandise Store

A modern take on a traditional store, giving fans a little bit extra with every purchase.

  • Create a new recurring monthly revenue stream
  • Sell unique digital experiences for fans

  • Cross-sell effortlessly with everything a fan needs, all in one place

  • Multiple payment options; Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Tokens

We can start from scratch or integrate with your existing store to drive a new sales channel.

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Live Voting

Bring fans closer to the action than ever before with live in-play voting, competitions and giveaways.

  • Boost fan engagement and attendances
  • Unlock new revenue driving opportunities

  • Add value to sponsors with sponsored votes, competitions and giveaways

  • Votes can be paid, free or sponsored - providing the flexibility to create the experience you want

Voting is a powerful tool; providing data-driven insights to inform strategy, fan engagement and operations.

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