Unlock Lifetime Earnings

Leveraging your club and athlete network

Built for fans, by the fans.

Affiliate Benefits:

1.0 Huge Earning Potential

Introduce clubs and athletes to us in return for a % of every transaction that club or athlete's fans makes on Lokkaroom.

2.0 Uncapped Commission

As an affiliate, there's no cap on you're earning potential - the more athletes and clubs you introduce, the greater your earnings.

3.0 Connect with Sports Leaders

Build connections and unlock exciting opportunities through Lokkaroom's network of industry leaders.

The Role of an Affiliate:

Female Boxer

Selling Lokkaroom

First, you're going to have to sell the benefits of Lokkaroom to your client(s). Don't worry,  there's plenty to choose from and we'll help with this.


Client Management

You'll be critical to your client's success with us; managing campaigns, brand deals and content to ensure your client's are big success.

Tennis Player

Revenue Generation

It's time for some creative campaign planning, utilising our brand partners to create killer content that gets you (and your client) paid.

Become an Affiliate

Complete the form below or speed things up and book a call in with our team here.


1.0 How do i earn as an affiliate?

As an affiliate, you'll receive a percentage of everything your client's fans spend on Lokkaroom - the bigger the client, the bigger your earning potential.

2.0 Does the size of club or athlete matter?

Absolutely not - Lokkaroom is built to deliver value to clubs and athletes of all sizes - although your revenue will typically depend on the size of their fanbase.

3.0 What support resources are available to affiliates and agents?

We'll provide a whole host of sales materials, support and platform training; giving you the tools to sell, manage and succeed on Lokkaroom.

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