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Sports-technology consultants and creators of Lokkaroom

Our team brings over 20 years of experience in sports marketing, partnerships, and tech innovation - helping clubs and organisations achieve financial sustainability whilst delivering the meaningful experiences fans now crave. 

We're happy to provide our expertise through Lokkaroom or in a consultancy capacity.

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Our Mission

We exist to make a positive impact in sport - utilising the latest in emerging technology - to give fans revolutionary experiences and clubs the opportunity to capitalise and generate new income streams.

Our Story

Like most, our story started with an enthusiastic, sports-obsessed entrepreneur. In our case, it was our football-crazy founder Dave - who was convinced that he could use his expertise to change sport forever.

Very early on in the R&D stage it was clear that the sports landscape was changing, suddenly fans were wanting more...

More access to the clubs they love and the athlete's they idolised; and the clubs that offered it, would be set-up for long-term financial success.

So the team set to work - brainstorming what this 'thing' was and what it would look. Safe to say we had some "pretty interesting" early ideas; 

Fast forward 2 years, 3,000+ trips to Sarah's coffee shop and months upon months of product meetings and finally...

Lokkaroom was born.

One centralised platform for sports organizations, clubs, and athletes to sell tickets, merchandise, memberships and more; all in a gamified format that fans enjoyed using, clubs financially benefitted from and brand partners gained value from.